Why I Decided to Try Sony Mirrorless Cameras?

I have always enjoyed playing with tech and cameras. As a Music Production major at MTSU i fell in love with more than just music I fell in love with DJing and enjoyed capturing it. My company has taken me into flying drones and manning some awesome camera rigs.

Almost from the beginning I have been interested in Sony and as I first started buying serious cameras for video and photography it was just more than I could afford but it was always one of my first choices and on my early wishlist. It was sadly just out of my budget.

Of course I’d heard of the low light capabilities of mirrorless, cameras and I have always been impressed by Sony and their innovative products and clean design. They are trusted to make sensors for many great cameras that have other names on them so they are trustworthy and well tested.

As my business has grown to include more wedding video I have been challenging my cameras to keep up and deliver amazing reliable results. As a pro your reel work should look great no matter what it was shot on and in challenging light. I have tried a few different camera brands with various levels of success, but I dreamed of the day I could buy what I wanted even if I had to get it used.

I am happy to say the Sony a6500 is working out really well and I am learning more about my next move with my video options. I love all but I’d love a spot to settle into and get comfortable as well.

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