Hiring an unlicensed drone pilot could be your first and biggest mistake.

There’s no doubt that drones have changed many Industries. Unmanned Aerial Systems  (UAS) as they are more correctly named are game changers. These aerial vehicles are creating brand new Industries and fueling many new businesses. For many existing businesses they may also offer an area to grow into. 

The legal landscape with sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) is also growing and evolving fast. It’s been little more than a year that the FAA’s Part 107 license process has helped to create more professional Pilots. With the Federal legislation came laws about what happens when people use unlicensed unprofessional Pilots. It might not seem like a huge deal if you are a company and you buy the Drone and have one of your employees fly it. It may not seem like a terrible idea to higher a friend who has one to do a photo or video  job for you. 

Choosing to hire  an unlicensed  pilot  is where many people will find themselves making their first mistake when getting started with getting aerial footage. 

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