Why a Videographer is a Must For Every Wedding

When it comes to your wedding or event, deciding how you see it and how you want to remember it, photography is always an important part of planning, but is videography a must? Let’s consider the different aspects and things to consider of both.

Budgeting for a wedding can be tough. Many times sacrifices must be made to keep from overspending. Photography is a must, but in today’s day & age videography is in ways even more important. Photos are great, and you can do more than just hang them on the wall like in the past. With digital editing and social media the possibilities are endless for both mediums but video is more compelling.

Photos can only tell so much of the story. Many times video can more accurately take you to the moment all over again. Think about how as you scroll on Facebook you see tons of great pictures posted, but a video attracts your eyes like a magnet. I bet if you start to pay attention you’ll notice that video and motion in general are interesting to the eye and can be very powerful emotionally.

As a premier wedding videographer in Middle Tennessee that is a big part of my focus. I enjoy watching Wedding Cinema more than I like looking at pictures.  I get a better feel for the personalities of each couple and in a sense get to know them as I watch their interactions. Wedding Cinematography is powerful and can transport you back in time decades.

In our experience doing photography, videography and DJ MC Services, I think videography is often overlooked. The normal course for wedding planning is Date, Venue, then Photographer, but an interesting new option we offer is full service wedding media packages. We have different levels and options and can tailor them to your event perfectly.

At Black & Tan Media we offer Photography, Videography, Photo Booths, Drone Aerial Footage (where available)  DJ, Karaoke, Lighting and more. Our packages an take the hassle out of planning giving you one point of contact for all of your media needs.

I plan to talk and post a little more about videography as our page grows. If you’d like some more information about how we can help you capture the memories and relive them for generations to come contact us today.



Here are a few more reasons and information from the knot.


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